New Delhi: 20-year-old convicted Stanford rapist, Brock Turner has been banned for life by USA Swimming, the national governing body of competitive swimming. He was a swimmer for Stanford University before having been found guilty of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman on the campus. The case has inflamed the American public.
The organisation said it condemns the crime and actions committed by Brock turner. “The governing body strictly prohibits and has zero tolerance for sexual misconduct”, says the organisation’s press statement.
“His original membership with the organization had expired in 2014 and now he will be unable to ever reapply to join. He will also be banned from competing in sanctioned swim events, including the U.S. Olympic Trials for the unforeseeable future”, the governing body added.
Brock Turner was released on a $150,000 bail by pleading not-guilty on five different charges. In accordance with the law, such crimes attract a punishment for a term of 14 years in prison.
However, keeping in mind the age of the convict and the lack of criminal record against him; the judge had pronounced only six months term in jail for him; which drew a lot of flak from the public. 
The public uproar and dissatisfaction over the verdict was seemingly evident in the recent protests led by people and the refusal of the jurors to serve under Aaron Persky, the judge.
Incidentally, Vice President Joe Biden has come up in support of the survivor of Turner’s assault, praising her for the strength and courage in speaking out against the rapist.