New Delhi: An act of Taliban-style barbarism that took place in December 2015, has recently come to light. In a remote area of Afghanistan, a 21-year-old was skinned alive.
Fazl Ahmad, the young victim of the gruesome act was killed because one of his distant relatives was suspected of killing a Taliban Commander.
Fazl was forcibly dragged from his house in December by the Taliban militants, who then gouged out his eyes as a reaction to their commander’s death. The barbarism did not stop there. The militants then started craving the skin from Fazl’s chest which exposed his heart. Then the 21-year-old was brutally thrown off a 10-storey high cliff.
So far the Taliban has denied any involvement in the gruesome deed.
Afghan President Ashraf Ghani in a meeting with reporters last week mentioned, the amount of casualties, particularly with civilians, is a crime against humanity, a crime against Afghanistan and a crime against our people.
The United States as aid to Afghanistan has invested more than $100 billion since 2001 in installing a judicial system in the country, building an army and a strong police force and building schools.
But even so, Ahmad’s death is the latest in a string of violent acts across Afghanistan over the past six months. Rattled officials say the 15-year war has taken an increasingly brutal turn.

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