New Delhi: After a string of lethal attacks on Hindu priests on grounds of religious fundamentalism, the Islamic State (IS) in Bangladesh on Friday issued an open threat declaring that it will hack Hindus if they do not return to India.

In a letter addressed to the people of Bangladesh, the IS group of terrorists who have been spreading stealthily into Bangladesh have now come out openly to threaten the Hindu population in the country. Claiming that Bangladesh is only for Muslims, the IS mentioned in the letter to “go back to India or get ready to be hacked between 20th to 30th June”.

Speaking to NewsX, RSN Singh, a Defence Analyst, said that the terror outfit had been recruiting people from different terrorist organisations in Bangladesh. Though he said that there were instances where Hindu priests’ hacking were done in the name of IS instead of the actual terrorists being involved, this open threat might point at the seriousness of IS’s position in the region, he said.

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has called for the Indian government to take action into the matter.