How would you feel if you were paid to watch porn movies or probably becoming a fake boyfriend/girlfriend? Interesting or Shocking? 

Every country has some weird job opportunities for its people. Well, there is no doubt in the fact that China has always surprised or shocked the globe with something or the other. But in regard of job offers, we are sure it has no competition anywhere in the world. 

China boasts some of the weirdest jobs that one could actually think of. While some of it would make you feel that you were a Chinese, or probably a resident of the country, others would just leave you in shock.

Let’s take a look on what the country, that is a manufacturing hub for almost everything on the planet, has in store for its people when it comes to ‘weird job opportunities’.

1.    Public Opinion Analysts

Known for its strict internet policies, China has approximately 2 million people who monitor the internet activities of its citizens and are called as Public Opinion Analysts. 

The job makes sure that nothing that could be harmful for the government could be shared online. 

Well, don’t you feel that China should also hire people to monitor population and let our country also know about it?

2.    Get paid to watch porn movies

It certainly sounds strange. But it’s true. Even though pornography is illegal in China, it is said that some people get paid for watching more than 700 movies per week.

3.    Prisoners get paid to play video games

Another shocker from the country! Labor Camp prisoners in China are often given employment by the government to play video games. It allows employees put up credits for games like World of Warcraft which can be sold to other gamers afterward.

4.    Fake boyfriends or girlfriends is a trending job

Single people in order to showoff, please people or we do not know for what, hire a ‘significant partner’ for family gatherings.

5.    White people paid for ‘posing’ as businessmen

White people in China have this opportunity of earning good amount for posing as businessmen on professional platforms. All they have to do is be well dressed and show up for conferences, parties and ribbon-cutting ceremonies. Not only this, they also get paid for walking in and out of offices to give an impression to the people that they are doing a business in China.

Well, we heard that China was partially racist. But what should we comment on this now?

6.    Get paid for manipulating the opinions

In another shocking job structure in China, it is said that people actually gets paid for manipulating the opinion of Chinese internet freak generation. These people direct several conversations on internet by posting positive remarks about the government and eliminate any conversation that draws or is likely to draw criticism. They are paid approximately 50 cents for each comment.

7.    Get paid for holding protests

A journalistic report said that some protestors get paid approximately between $26 to $104 for showing up at the pro-government assemblies. 

8.    Stand in queue for me, I shall pay You!

Yes, in China, people are actually paid for standing in long queue for their clients. Well, in some cities of China, where seeing a doctor could actually take up to five hours, this job would certainly be of great help.

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