Brussels: The prosecutors informed that Brussels police foundnd fake suicide bomb vest on the suspect.

Prime Minister of Brussels Charles Michel had to change his morning program and a meeting of the crisis response centre was called on Tuesday, June 21 after Belgian police detained a man carrying explosives near a central Brussels shopping centre earlier Today.

The Belgian authorities had closed-off a major shopping centre in the centre of Brussels after they received a tip about a suspicious package being left in the mall.

After the tip was received the Police and military were soon seen patrolling around at least one major entry to the City 2 shopping centre.

Later the demining squad was also rushed in, some entries to the subway station were also blocked.

Police official Veronique Pirson said “a package had been found right next to City 2.”

Bomb attacks on Brussels airport and the city’s metro killed 32 people in March and that attack was claimed by the Islamic State group.