New Delhi: Tourists arriving at the Rio airport in the capital of Brazil felt a lacklustre enthusiasm for the Rio Olympics when they saw police and firemen collectively carrying a sign that read: Welcome to hell. Police and fire-fighters don’t get paid; whoever comes to Rio de Janeiro will not be safe.

Albeit the government at the Centre might decide to shrug this off as another insignificant instance, the image of the silent protest has gone viral on social media, with some even expressing genuine concern about the situation inside the country.

Brazil is about to host its first ever Olympics, and the strain of maintaining and building facilities has cost government the money of the taxpayers. More than 300 policemen held a rally where they protested unpaid wages and their working conditions which they alleged was deteriorating.

Earlier, as reported by the Independent, a drug kingpin had been freed from a hospital by 20 armed men who casually strolled in despite police security. Many officials are worried that the situation could lead to a volatile environment during the Olympic Games.

Adding to these socio-economic woes, there is also the fear of the Zika virus in the capital. The virus, which is believed to be having debilitating effects on progenies, is a cause of concern for athletes and visitors alike.  

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