New Delhi: The United States has been one of the most vocal supporters of India’s entry into the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG). So when China blocked India’s entry into the much-coveted and talked about NSG, the reaction was one of disappointment.

US Under Secretary for Political Affairs Tom Shannon said that a member-country of an NSG blocking the entry of other countries should be held accountable instead of being isolated.

“We understand that in a consensus-based organisation, one country can break consensus. But in order to do so it must be (held) accountable not isolated,” he said.

“We regret, in Seoul we and India, were unable to open space necessary to allow India to move into the NSG at this moment,” Shannon said while adding consternation over China’s activities in the South China Sea by calling it “madness”. 

The US secretary also said that US will continue to push for India’s entry into the Nuclear Suppliers Group.

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