New Delhi: Residents of California were confronted with an unfortunate incident on Thursday when a road accident at northern Los Angeles County took the lives of two mothers and their four kids.

The minivan inside which the two families were travelling; the two fathers in the front seat, the mothers and the rest of the children at the back of the seat, was partially in the right-hand lane after a minor wreck when a semi-truck abruptly slammed into their vehicle from the back, sending the minivan over the embankment.

As soon as the car hit the embankment, it erupted instantaneously in flames. The two men sitting at the front seat, 34-year-old Aaro Hon Wing Ng and 45-year-old Wei Xiong Li, got out of the van, but the fire had spread so much that it became impossible for them to rescue their wives and children. 

The police officers who were on their way to the scene following the accident held both the men from trying to rescue their families as one of them alleged that it was impossible.

“The fire was too hot for any fire extinguisher,” one of the officers said.

Both the distraught men have been admitted to the hospital with severe burns on their hands.

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