New Delhi: The horrific Dhaka terror attack which claimed the lives of 20 individuals that included foreign nationals has been mired in confusion after the Islamic State (IS) claimed responsibility for the attack.

But digging a little deeper into the story reveals how the Islamic State tried to stir public opinion so that it could establish the ‘fact’ about its success in global expansion. IS earlier released graphic pictures of the victims who were shot in the cafe.

The pictures released by Islamic State had already been released by the terrorists who had attacked the cafe. It is alleged that IS stole the pictures and re-released them to claim responsibility for the attack. However, the Bangladeshi government came out strongly to assure that IS was not behind the attack as it was carried out by home-grown militants and military spy agency of Pakistan.

IS – albeit one of the largest terror organisations in the world – does not have a strong base in Bangladesh, and incessant attacks from US-led airstrikes backed by other countries have significantly reduced the reach of the organisation.   

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