SHANGHAI: On the third and final day of his three-day visit to China, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday reached Shanghai and met top Chinese CEOs.

During the meet, PM Modi made a strong pitch for Make In India. The Chinese Business delegates included high-profile top Chinese CEOs like Jack Ma, Founder of Ali Baba group & Lei Jun, CEO of Xiaomi.

After the meet, PM Modi arrived at India-China Business Forum and addressed business delegates in Shanghai.

Here are the key highlights of the event:

1:30 PM: PM Modi addresses Indian Community in Shanghai

• All of you woke up early waiting for the poll results, watched the election results with such interest. 
• Exactly one year back, only one word echoed all over the world
• We are proud to see India progress over the years
• Time has changed in India
• World watches us with respect
• Everyone said Modi is a nobody and I agreed
• Seeing my bio-data, would anyone have chosen me as a PM?
• Nobody thought a tea-seller would become a PM
• I will never compromise on hard work
• I have not taken a single day of leave or wasted any time as PM
• I have silenced all my critics
• May 16 holds a special place in my heart
• I told myself that I have no experience and so I learnt like a student
• Give me blessings so I do not make any mistakes as PM
• You will be enjoying your Sunday, I will be working in Mongolia
• Global warming is a situation created by humans
• Focus on stronger bilateral ties with China. India-China can help the world overcome problems. Together we can prove to be a great power
• In coming days, India-China will have a close friendship
• India and China will come together to change the world
• It’s the world against India and China
• We have all been taught that the universe is our family
• In 1 year, we have done more work than in the last 30 years
• In my entire trip, I believe that my interaction with students was the biggest highlight
• The Earth is my mother, so I have a responsibility to save her
• If hard work is a crime, then you can blame me

1:15 PM: Indian students, professionals from Shenzhen, Guangdong & Beijing likely to attend. 

12:55 PM: Over 5000 people gather for PM Modi’s speech

12:54 PM: PM Modi to address Indian community in Shanghai. 

12:31 PM: PM Modi addresses students at Fudan University in Shanghai

• I am happy & thankful to you for giving me this chance
• Very few political leaders have addressed students
• I have joined a very auspicious occasion here
• Today the World is facing 2 threats – Global Warming and Terrorism
• Gandhi’s teachings can solve both these crises
• Gandhi called his Chinese friend ‘Shanti Jain’
• Gandhian Philosophy can help us fight terrorism
• Gandhi refused to meet anyone when he was in jail, except for his Chinese friend

12:30 PM: PM Modi inaugurates centre for Gandhian and Indian studies.

2:09 PM: PM Narendra Modi to address students at Fudan University in Shanghai 

9:50 AM: Chinese CEOs are positive about ‘Make In India’ campaign

• Excited about ‘Make In India’, says Alibaba Chairman Jack Ma
• Fully support Make In India campaign, says Xiaomi Chairman Lei Jun
• Hopeful about working with India, says SANY Chairman Liang Wengen

8:35 AM: PM Modi addresses business delegates in Shanghai

• I have come to say ‘Make In India’
• I am sure today’s interaction will lead to good benefits to both Nations
• China and India are two great civilizations of the world
• Today together India, China represent one third of World’s population
• India introduced Buddhism to China
• Chinese scholars have taught old secrets to India
• I strongly believe this century is Asia’s century
• Stream of knowledge is flowing across our borders
• China and India share old historic ties
• We are modernising Indian Railways and planning metros in 50 cities
• We helped each other to grow spiritually, now time for eco development
• Breadth & length of infrastructure is huge for India
• We want to make things in India and launched ‘Make In India’
• India needs to learn about skill development for investments
• India wants to promote manufacturing in a big way
• Complicated procedures are being simplified
• India’s regulatory regime has become investment friendly
• We are improving ease of doing business in India
• FDI can’t come to India without a free & transparent process
• Regressive taxation regime has been removed

8:29 AM: PM to address business delegates shortly

8:22 AM: PM Modi arrives at India-China Business Forum

8:12 AM: 20 MoUs signed between Indian & Chinese CEOs

8:11 AM: PM Modi pitches for ‘Make In India’ campaign

8:10 AM: PM Modi meets top Chinese CEOs