New Delhi: Terrorist organisation Islamic State (IS) has released a fresh video titled to the ‘brave’ of the Dhaka attack. Terrorists in the video have praised the attackers who stormed the Holey Artisan Bakery in Dhaka with heavy gunfire and claimed more than 30 lives including a 19-year-old Indian Tarishi Jain. There were more than 368 people who were injured in the attack.

The threat video that has surfaced after the Bangladesh attack features three Bangla-speaking youth who are believed to be Bangladeshi Islamic State fighters in Dhaka. These three youths in the video have threatened that more such attacks will follow.

The video is speculated to be recorded one day after the attack and is 6 minutes long. One of the terrorist in the video has also stated that they have nothing to lose in this war, either they will be successful in implementing ‘Shariah’ law or they will give away their life by working in the same direction and achieve ‘Shahadat’ or martyrdom.

This fresh threat from IS in this video has raised high alert throughout Bangladesh.

(NewsX cannot verify the authenticity of the video)

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