New Delhi:  During a protest in Downtown Dallas related to alleged racial profiling and police brutality on African-American people in the United States, five officers of Dallas law enforcement were fatally shot dead by two snipers overlooking the peaceful rally.

The death of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling at the hands of police in Minnesota and Lousiana respectively, was protested across the country through a peaceful march. Albeit these protests have not escaped minor violations, it is usually not known for fatal police casualties.

Eleven police officers were shot at during the Dallas protest which took place around 8:45 PM, five of whom eventually succumbed to their injuries. A total of two snipers opened fire into the rally; one has been caught by the police and is in custody.



After the Dallas shooting, the protest was abruptly called off and public transportations were shut down. Reports claimed that the protest was peaceful except for the shootings. One of the attackers warned the police that they had planted bombs all over Dallas. 

The Black Lives Matter protest was instigated when a policeman fatally shot Philando Castile while his girlfriend uploaded the video live on Facebook. Castile’s death follows that of Alton Sterling who was shot dead in an altercation with two white police officers. 



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