New Delhi: United States Senator Bernie Sanders’ hope of gaining traction for the presidential nominee was rejuvenated on Friday when the Green Party’s presumptive nominee for POTUS (President of the United States) Jill Stein offered Bernie a ticket to lead the party into the national convention.

Jill Stein, an American physician and a staunch environmental activist, has been reduced to the background of the US election due to relatively few media coverage of all her policies and her non-confrontational attitude. If Stein reaches 15% in national polling, she will be able to stand in the podium along with Republican nominee Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

“I’ve invited Bernie to sit down and explore collaboration – everything is on the table. If he saw that you can’t have a revolutionary campaign in a counter-revolutionary party, he’d be welcomed to the Green party. He could lead the ticket and build a political movement,” the Guardian quoted Jill Stein.

Stein also claimed that she had notified Bernie Sanders about her willingness to invite him to the Green Party via an email.

“If he continues to declare his full faith in the Democratic Party, it will leave many of his supporters very disappointed,” Jill said. “That political movement is going to go on – it isn’t going to bury itself in the graveyard alongside Hillary Clinton.”

“Jill Stein will get some of the Bernie voters but Hillary will get most, not because people love Hillary but because they hate Trump. The Green party vote won’t have much an influence unless it’s a squeaker like in 2000 [when Ralph Nader got 2.9m votes for the Green party and George W Bush became president]. But a lot of Democratic voters remember what happened then,” the Guardian quoted Jill.

If Bernie Sanders, after taking cognizance of the gross ‘manipulation’ of votes that occurred during Democratic primaries, accepts the Green Party ticket, he will be shooting his campaign directly into the limelight of the final presidential contention for the position of POTUS.