New Delhi: A Pakistani reporter, in a bid to share with the viewers everything he could about the death of philanthropist and humanitarian Abdul Sattar Edhi, took it a step too far when he reported from the grave where Edhi was allegedly going to be buried.

The picture, which was shared on Twitter, went viral overnight with the reporter of News Express lying in the grave which had been prepared 25 years ago by Edhi himself.

After getting inside the solid concrete grave, the reporter sizes up his reporting skill by sharing details about the grave. 

Many on social media have come out to condemn the reporter by calling his action ‘ridiculous’ and ‘despicable’. Though it is unclear whether the grave he was reporting from was indeed Edhi’s or not, the reporter’s ‘insane’ idea has not gone unnoticed.

Pakistan’s hero and famed philanthropist Abdul Sattar Edhi died on Friday at the age of 88.  

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