Dhaka: The Bangladesh government on Saturday submitted its report on Zakir Naik to the Home Ministry, Foreign Ministry and Information & Broadcasting Ministry of India.
Bangladesh has taken this action amidst the ongoing controversy of Islamic preacher Zakir Naik.
Earlier in the day, former Mumbai Police Commissioner and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP Satyapal Singh made a
startling revelation. The former top-cop revealed to NewsX that in 2008, he submitted a report to the then UPA government warning of Zakir Naik’s nefarious deeds and propagandas.
Satyapal Singh said, “During 2008, Zakir Naik mesmerised 12 boys and girls to convert and accept Islam as their religion.” Singh also added that a report stating the unlawful activities of Zakir Naik was submitted by him to the UPA government but UPA junked his reports.
It’s a big question why the government did not act at that time.
It is also expected that Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) led government may rake up Zakir Naik’s issue in the monsoon session of the Parliament.
Naik has been in the eye of a controversy with people gunning for him saying that he was preaching hate. Naik is an Indian Islamic preacher who has been called an “authority on comparative religion.”
Following the Dhaka cafe attack, there were allegations against the Islamic preacher Zakir Naik that he had ‘inspired’ some of the Dhaka terrorists to commit murder and kill innocent civilians. The Holey Bakery attack saw the terrorists kill 28 innocent people in a mere 20 minutes.
Naik has, however, denied all these allegations and said that he never preached terror or any violent form of Islam. He is expected to release his statement on this entire controversy on his return to India. 

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