New Delhi: In Indonesia almost 12 lost their lives between July 3 and 5 after they were stuck in a massive traffic jam reported to be about 21 km long. The jam was caused by people who were on their way to celebrate the festival of Eid.
According to reports, people were stuck in a three-day traffic jam at an intersection known as “Brexit” short for ‘’Brebes exit’’.
The traffic queue was witnessed for more than 21 km at the junction for Brebes, a town on the main island of Java.
Indonesia’s roads are choked every year at the end of Ramadan, the month of fasting for Muslims, but the chaos at Brexit was particularly acute this year as tens of thousands of cars crammed on to the arterial highway, said Hemi Pramuraharjo, a transport ministry spokesman.
Pramuraharjo said several victims were elderly, while others died from fatigue and other health complications. Local media reported that a one-year-old was killed by fumes.
Many people lose their life in accidents during this time in the year.  

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