Mexico: A northern Mexico city was gripped with another horrifying incidence of the menace caused by drug cartels when gunmen killed fourteen people of two different families in a span of two hours.

The two incidences which saw the death of 14 civilians were purportedly inspired by feud between rival gangs in the region of Ciudad Victoria. However, the secretary general of Tamaulipas refused to identify the two groups that were behind the attack.

First, around 7:00 AM on Saturday, gunmen infiltrated a home in Lopez Mateos district and opened fire at two men, four women and five girls, who instantly died on the spot.

Approximately 45 minutes later, men loaded with firearms stormed into another family’s home in Revolucion district and gunned down one man and two women.

Tamaulipas in Mexico City is one of the most violent regions in the country due to an uncontrolled drug menace in the region and rival gangs fighting over turf.

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