New Delhi: Furthering the investigation after the Nice terror attack, the ex-wife of France truck attack suspect was held for questioning, said police.
Earlier during the day, the investigators identified the truck driver named Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, who mowed down at least 84 people in Nice, France.
French President Francois Hollande during his address to the media said that, “About 50 people are still “between life and death” in the Nice truck attack.”
Ricardo Baron Baretyky, President of ECIPS and Cyberpol in a conversation with NewsX said, “It’s a tragedy and is a situation that we had said on several occasions is about to worsen … and we advise the government to take caution to this development.” 
Thursday night in the city of Nice, France turned into a horrific nightmare for the people celebrating the event when an unidentified man driving a lorry rammed straight into the crowd and zigzagged to crush more victims. 
The deadly terror attack in Nice city in France  have so far claimed 84 lives and more than 100 are reported injured.
(With inputs from ANI

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