Ankara: At least eight Turkish soldiers who fled to Greece with a military helicopter in Saturday’s failed coup attempt will face trial in a Greek court, Anadolu Agency reported today.
The coup supporters will face accusations of “illegal entry” and “damaging the friendly relations between Turkey and Greece”, Xinhua news agency quoted Lia Marinaki, a lawyer of the soldiers, as saying.
The lawyer said the soldiers will appear in court later today.
The Black Hawk helicopter the soldiers used in the escape was returned to Turkey, the report said.
Early on Saturday, the military helicopter landed at the Alexandroupoli airport near the Greek-Turkish border, and the soldiers who asked for political asylum were arrested by Greek police.
Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said Turkey “requested the immediate surrender of the traitor soldiers who fled to Greece”.
“They will expedite the extradition process,” he said.

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