New Delhi: After the shooting attack in OEZ shopping centre in Munich, a massive police operation was undertaken where the lone attacker committed suicide.

The German police after its investigation said that there wasn’t any link between the lone attacker and the Islamic State (IS).

Meanwhile, the Munich authorities have said that three gunmen are on the run. The Bavarian capital had been placed under the State of Emergency earlier after the incident of shooting.

Following the attack, NewsX had an exclusive conversation with Indian ambassador to Germany Gurjit Singh to know more about the incident:

NewsX: What can you tell us about this incident and are any of the Indians injured in the shooting?

Gurjit Singh: First of all, this has been the one of the most unhappy situations where innocent people have been hurt. We understand that nine people are dead and sixteen are injured. While there are no Indian as per report received by us, it nevertheless remains the big humanitarian tragedy.


NewsX: After this incident there might be a crisis of sorts, people must be really scared to move out. What’s the current situation as far as the security operations are concern and what are the precautions that are being asked to be taken?

Gurjit Singh: The police are/is taking resolute action since yesterday and they are we trying to get to the bottom of it whether it is a terror incident or a shooting rampage. To the common citizen, the impact is the same.

While movement and transport have been restored, there is nevertheless a sense of caution. We have also advised all Indians to remain cautious.

In fact, following the terror incident last week in France and other places, we have already issued an advisory to Indians to be particularly careful on weekends and in crowded areas like tourist places.

However the recent incident took place in not so crowded place. So it becomes something not predictable.

We remains concern that all Indians should follow the local situation particularly order of the police. And time like yesterday when public transport comes to a halt, many people can’t get home which leads to some concern. Fortunately everybody seems to be alright as there are no Indians in the list of casualties.

There was a group of Indian students from Pune who seemed to be stuck. But this morning they were in touch with us and now they have all reached Munich airport and would be taking the flight home.


NewsX: What can one do as an individual walking on the street perhaps would not feel safe?

Gurjit Singh: When it is not a targeted attack at a particular place which we can advise avoid on holidays or weekend. It really becomes difficult…whether they are German or Indian or other because you can be in the wrong place in wrong time.

Earlier there was an axe attack by a person in a German train where four Hong Kong tourists have been injured.

These are bizarre situations where we have to depend on humanity coming forth …

As a embassy, We to find it difficult to tell citizen to curb their normal life…to what extent can we go always remains a debate… because after all people have life’s to live , places to go … off course we need to be cautious

But the fine line will always be difficult to draw.


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