New Delhi: A peaceful protest in Afghanistan was ambushed on Saturday by a suicide bomber who killed more than 80 people and wounded at least 200. The Islamic State (IS or ISIS) has claimed responsibility for this attack, throwing Afghanistan into a state of consternation about the growing influence of the extremist group in the region.

The Saturday suicide bombing is being deemed as the deadliest in the 15 years of civil war in Afghanistan. Afghanistan’s Hazara community were peacefully marching the streets of Kabul demanding power line through their home province when a suicide bomber detonated his vest, instantly killing more than 80 people.

Afghan police said that there were two suicide bombers who had tried to ambush the protest, but one of them had been prematurely shot before he could detonate the bomb. Pictures, videos posted and shared via social media and the various TV channels in Afghanistan showed scenes of carnage where dead bodies were piled on top of each other.

One official claimed that three city district police chiefs had been injured during the incidence and three security personnel had been killed. Immediately after the incidence, security forces fired empty shells in the air to disperse the crowd as terrorists plot secondary attacks against people coming to rescue the wounded.

Afghanistan’s Interior Ministry confirmed that 81 people had been killed and 231 had been wounded in the suicide attack.

Through its news agency, Aamaq, the Islamic State claimed responsibility for this attack.