New Delhi: Three Chinese journalists have been asked by the Indian government to leave the country by July 31, a move allegedly incited by warnings from India’s intelligence agencies.

The 3 Chinese journalists, all from the state-run Xinhua news agency, has been denied visa extension by the Indian government without any explanation about why they are being denied the visa.

The journalists: Wu Qiang, head of Xinhua bureaus in Delhi, Lu Tang, head of the Mumbai bureau, and the third one, She Yonggang is a reporter for the agency at Mumbai. Wu told reporters that “they had not been given any explanation for the refusal of the extension of their visas”.

Some speculate that this move from the Indian government is related to China’s ambushing of India’s quest for membership in the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG). However, the government has denied the presence of such theory behind their refusal.

The Chinese journalists have already received four extensions previously.

Mohan Guruswamy, author of Chasing the Dragon: Will India catch-up with China?, wrote a post in Facebook condemning this move:

“Lu Tang, whom many of you FB users might recognise and who has done so much to provide China’s opinion makers with a better understanding of India is among the three Chinese journalists not to get their work visas extended. We can now expect some tit for tat for no rhyme or reason. If Indian scribes are turned out off China we too will lose our eyes and ears in that country. Not extending visas of journalists is a needless aggravation. I am sure the [Ministry of External Affairs] would be clueless about this as this is now under the exclusive purview of the largely clueless Ministry of Home Affairs.”