New Delhi: A Muslim woman who had applied for a job at a jewellery shop in New Zealand was told it was a “waste of time” unless she removed her headscarf.

Mona Alfadli, who had applied for a job as a sales assistant at Steward Dawsons in Auckland, was told by the manager of the store ‘not to bother applying’ because of her hijab.

“I felt embarrassed as it took a lot of courage to walk into the shop and speak to the manager regarding a job, especially since I was afraid of the rejection,” Alfadli said.

Alfadli, a refugee from Kuwait said she was looking for a job to find a safe home for herself and her family.

“I can do any job, I don’t mind, but I will keep my hijab, I will keep my identity, and respect my culture and my religion,” Alfadli was quoted as saying ‘The New Zealand Herald’.

Kevin Turner, the chief financial officer of the Steward Dawsons group said he was “devastated” to learn of the incident.

This was the second incident at the jewellery store after former Kelston Girls College deputy head Fatima Mohammadi was denied job for wearing a headscarf.

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