New Delhi: Somali police reported on Tuesday that at least thirteen people were killed after two suicide bombers attacked the Mogadishu Airport in Africa. The terrorists had targeted African Union Troops in the Somali capital. 

Smoke was seen rising from the attack area where there was a base for African Union (AU) peacekeepers, according to the BBC.

At a checkpoint near the airport, one of the attackers detonated the bomb which was purportedly planted inside the vehicle. Three were instantly killed at the checkpoint which included security guards. 

The second attack occurred at a nearby checkpoint guarded by Somali government security forces. 

According to one of the spokesman for Banadir administration, Abdifatah, nine of the people who were killed in the suicide attacks were security for the United Nations while three were local civilians. 

Al-Shabab, the African Islamic group linked to al-Qaeda, has claimed responsibility for the attack since the terrorist organisation is attempting to oust the UN-supported government.

In light of the elections in Somalia, the group is carrying out more terror attacks in the region. Africa is witnessing a surge in extremist violence where different organisations have professed their allegiance to organisations like the Islamic State in Syria and al-Qaeda. 

(Further details awaited) 

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