Rome: Italian President Sergio Mattarella said that his country should not enter the age of anxiety, after the latest spate of terrorist attacks in Europe.
The president made the remarks a day after the French church attack in Rouen, in which a priest was killed by armed men. “We must prevent the victory of fear. We cannot allow our country, and the whole of Europe, to enter the age of anxiety,” he said during a ceremony here on Wednesday, Xinhua news agency reported.
Italian Minister of Defense Roberta Pinotti on Wednesday said special forces of the army were collaborating with parts of the Carabinieri (national gendarmerie) and police in order to prevent terror actions in Italy. These units have carried out four drills and they have plans for the worst scenario in every city, Pinotti told a press conference for the national security.
“We are working, anyway, mainly to prevent this from happening. Then, as I have always said, no country is risk-free, it is evident from the manner in which these actions are performed,” she said.
The defense minister also said people living in Italy must know the state is working for them. Law enforcement agencies, the army, intelligence services and the judiciary are doing everything possible to guarantee the safety and peace of those living in the country, she added.
Pinotti said Italian police had arrested two alleged Islamic fundamentalists. 
“This proves the work of our security forces, who pay attention to every signal. In that case, a photo had been published on the web through a cell phone, showing an Islamic fighter with his gun. I highlight this to say that every signal is taken into consideration in order to do the preventive work,” she said.

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