New Delhi: On July 27th, the Democratic National Convention (DNC) Day 2 kicked off with the theme “A Lifetime of Fighting for Children and Families” at the Wells Fargo Centre in Philadelphia. 
The keynote speaker for the night was former US President Bill Clinton. Additionally, the roll call vote to officially nominate Hillary Clinton commenced on Tuesday.
Speakers for the night also included ‘Mothers of The Movement’, House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi and former President Jimmy Carter who discussed her advocacy for children and social justice. 
Some of the most memorable moments from the Democratic National Convention’s second night include Hillary Clinton officially being nominated as the Democratic presidential candidate, Bill Clinton’s speech and an honor to the Black Lives Matter movement.
It was a historic evening as for the first time in American history a major party nominated a woman for Presidency. 
Senator Bernie Sanders appeared on the convention floor and made a motion to suspend the rules and declare Hillary Clinton the nominee by acclamation. “I move that Hillary Clinton be selected as the nominee of the Democratic Party for president of the United States,” Sanders said. With the motion seconded, a loud roar of aye’s arose, making her the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate. 
Testimonies from half a dozen Mothers of The Movement gave a somber start to the proceedings. The mothers of African-Americans who have been killed in controversial police shootings talked about the lessons they’ve learnt, the grief they’ve felt and what they think the nation ought to do about it. As a result of their impassioned plea, chants of ‘Black Lives Matter’ reverberated through the hall. 
It was a night that belonged to Bill Clinton who has been a regular speaker at the DNC in the past few years. Bill Clinton offered a testimonial very different from his previous ones, tracing his 45-year relationship with wife Hillary, from their courtship to their years in public service together.
Bill Clinton had a couple of messages about his wife for the world. First, was her personal story that pushed back against the caricature of Hillary Clinton and portrayed her as a deeply caring woman who is always working for others. He also described her as the “best darn change maker I have ever known.” This was intended to talk to those Americans who think their nation is going in the wrong direction by going with the one who sticks to the status quo.
Meryl Streep, dressed in a recycled American flag dress, delivered the final speech of the night with her passionate words, “She will be a great president and she will be the first in a long line of women and men who serve with grit and grace.”
Hillary Clinton sent a short video message from New York addressing the delegates at the convention. Her message closed the second day of the convention with the words; “I can’t believe we just put the biggest crack in that glass ceiling yet … this is really your victory, this is really your night.”

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