New Delhi: United States Secretary of State and self-anointed ‘woman rights champion’ Hillary Rodham Clinton officially accepted the Democratic nomination for running for the post of President of the United States at the Democratic National Convention on Friday. A ‘moment of reckoning’ she said, was what the United States was facing, and to counter the ‘forces’, she professed that she had the virtues that would herald unified progress for America.

But at the back of the flashing lights and the banners impregnating the television screens with ‘I’mwithHer’ slogans, how is Hillary Clinton really faring as the Democratic nominee for presidency? Is her rhetoric doing enough damage to topple the unseemingly un-toppable image of Donald Trump? Has she been successful in converting perceptions about sceptics, or more importantly, has she risen above the inundation of her private Email scandal, has she been forgiven for Benghazi, or forgotten for Fracking? 

Donald J Trump, as much as you cringe as his name is pronounced, has tapped successfully into the tireless conscience of the American people, one that begs for reward for days of hard work. And once he rose above the media vilification, he became invincible; whatever he said after that moment was apolitical if it was controversial, political if it was personal, and people who supported him fed their ‘inner demons’ by fantasising a regime that dismissed equality but adopted the class-struggle interpretation. In short, Donald Trump identified the 21st century essence of living, one that glorifies materialism and promotes equality based on utilitarianism.

Donald Trump promises amazing business ventures for America where companies that tries to tickle the international market for cheap labour gets the full-fisted punch from the American government. And Hillary Clinton, like her Democratic predecessor Barack Obama, promises to be the torch-bearer of change in America while meditating on the aspect of quiet governance where the public will forgive an ‘old, unknowing grandma’ for every conceivable violation of rules.

Donald Trump might become the next United States President, just like how Britain opted for a poorly-chosen revolution. Clinton has to move away from Clintonism and accept that she has made mistakes and finally acknowledge that the voice of the people is not only righteous but also harsh and corrosive sometimes… Much like Donald Trump.


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