New Delhi: In an attack which is being deemed as terror in nature, an unidentified man in London went on a killing spree carrying only a knife with him on Wednesday night. 

The attack occurred at Russell Square around a park in central London when a man went on a killing spree with a knife. Six people were critically injured in the attack; one of the victims succumbed to her injuries on her way to the hospital.

Police have not yet revealed the identity of the deceased or the other five victims who are currently undergoing treatment at the hospital. 

After the attack, investigating officials cordoned off the area and issued warnings to the people in the vicinity to stay alert.

The attacker, whose identity has not been released by the police, was taken down by the authorities with the use of a taser gun around 10.39 PM last night.

The incident occurred at the same place where, in 2005, Germaine Lindsay, 19, carried out a suicide attack which resulted in the death of 26 people.


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