New Delhi: In a jaw-dropping incident, a 72-year-old man, who was on a crabbing trip in Australia’s Northern Territory, took on a group of saltwater crocodiles, according to CNN. Ray Mccomber, who was along with his friend Noel Ramage (75), had to fight for their life after they were surrounded by the deadly crocodiles.
Ray Mccomber was quick enough to get on the boat but his friend Ramage who didn’t know how to swim and was lacking a lifejacket, drowned.
Initially, to fight the crocodiles, the 72-year-old Mccomber pulled out a wrench and pliers from the boat and started thrashing the crocodiles.
However, Mccomber actions brought more attention to the crocs’ as more of them gathered around. The gritty fighter didn’t lose hope and pulled some spark plugs from the boat’s motor and started his relentless last-ditch assault on the crocodiles.
Mccomber was later air-lifted to a nearby hospital after he was found by locals. He was discharged from the hospital after being treated for leg wounds. 

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