New Delhi: A blast was heard near the finish line of the cycling course at the Rio Olympics on Saturday. However, the officials said that it was just a suspicious bag that they blew up as a precaution.

A bag was detonated by the bomb squad as a precaution, but no explosives and nothing hazardous was found inside the box.

The incident happened in the afternoon when witnesses reported hearing an explosion like sound near the Rio Olympics cycling course.

The situation is under control, officials said.

Earlier in the day, a man was gunned down outside the Maracana stadium in the Brazilian capital just hours after an 80,000-strong crowd attended the glittering Olympics opening ceremony.

The man has not yet been identified but local news outlets reported the Brazilian had committed robberies in the area and was killed when one of his victims reacted, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

 The killing so close to the Olympic venue is likely to raise concerns about safety during the two-week event in which nearly 11,000 athletes are to compete.

(With inputs from IANS)

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