New Delhi: Rodolfo Illanes, Bolivia’s deputy interior minister, was killed on Thursday when he tried to mediate a conflict where informal miners were on strike. The conflict over mining laws have resulted in the bitter relationship between the government and the striking workers.

Minister Carlos Romero, when notified of the incident, said that it waas cowardly of the workers to have killed the minister like they did. He asked the miners to return the body of the minister.

Speaking to reporters, Defence Minister Reymi Ferreira told reporters that Illanes was “savagely beaten” to death by the miners. He claimed that the minister was first kidnapped and then tortured to death by the party involved in his murder. Ferreira said that he could not confirm reports suggesting that the striking miners had killed Rodolfo. 

Miners in Bolivia are demanding more rights, the sole objective being the right to associate with private companies.

Due to tensions pertaining to the implementation of more rights, the Bolivian government is facing tensions with the miners, resulting in multiple deaths in recent times.

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