NEW DELHI: Racism is always injurious and we have seen several incidents of racial discrimination not only in India but across the globe. Asians especially Indians have often been on racial target of several countries, out of which; most prominent is the United Kingdom and the United States.

While it mainly is a problem for the victim, sometimes, the case turns around and the oppressor is actually on the receiving end. This becomes even more clear from this video doing rounds on social media where a Sikh boy is seen smashing up a boy who reportedly raised racist comments.

Even though the amount of racism towards Sikhs in UK has dropped down but at some parts, hateful people still exist.

In the recent episode that took place outside a UK school, a bully denied to take a step back in spite of several attempts by the Sikh boy to normalize things and continued to harass him. 

The issue took an ugly turn after the Sikh boy decided to say no to violence against his community and began hitting the bully.

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