New Delhi: The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) on Thursday warned of a crackdown on the airing of excessive foreign content by TV channels and cable operators. The PERMA board has also decided to stop airing Indian channels in the country since none of them have rights.

“Adequate time is being given to the cable operators and satellite channels to adjust their timings as per the legal requirements. Otherwise, punitive action will be taken against the two important segments from October 15,” the Dawn quoted PEMRA chairman Absar Alam as saying on Wednesday.

Under Perma rules, only 10 percent of airtime (two hours and 40 minutes in a 24-hour transmission) is allowed for foreign contents.

PERMA chief Absar Alam said strict action will be taken against those TV channels which violate the code of conduct.

“Only the TV channels having permission and license can telecast foreign content. Pakistani TV channels can utilise less than 6 per cent of air time to telecast Indian TV contents from October 15, 2016,” he said.


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