New Delhi: Two bomb blasts hit Kacheri district in Mardan, Pakistan, on Friday where at least twelve people were killed and more than fifty were injured, Pakistani officials said.

The first bomb suicide attack occurred near the Kacheri gate which was followed by another attack which occurred shortly after the attacker was refused entry inside the gate

The Jamaatul Ahrar (JA) terror group claimed responsibility for the attack in Mardan district, security sources told DawnNews.
The suicide blast comes just hours after gunmen attacked Peshawar’s Christian Colony, which was also claimed by JA. One civilian and four suicide attackers were killed in the attack.
Police said the attacker detonated a hand grenade before exploding his suicide vest.
Lawyers are usually targetted in terror atatcks in Pakistan.

The attack occurred hours after terrorists exchanged gunfire with security officials in Peshawar’s Christian Colony near the Army Public School. Five terrorists were killed in the attack.

The injured civilians have been taken to the hospital by the rescue emergency officials.