New Delhi: After banning music, internet and television – something that the rest of the world terms ‘basic’ in today’s time – North Korea has now banned ‘blue jeans’.

The country, usually referred to as the hermit state, banned the basic blue jeans with the reason that denims symbolize the enemy United States of America.

There are some other strict laws one has to abide by while in North Korea. Apparently, North Koreans are not allowed to play music, watch porn or make international calls. They are not even allowed to own cars. So much so, that there is only 1 car for every 100 people.

People there can’t even have an opinion on the government, and they have to choose their haircuts from a list of 28 ‘permitted’ hairstyles.

Blue jeans came into the category of banned things as it is a symbol of American imperialism. Now, jeans are being sold in two styles – the slim-fit Kara and loose-fit Oke and only in black.

Practising religion in North Korea is also considered a taboo and those who practise are tortured.