NEW DELHI: India does not seem to be the only country facing religious discrimination. Last month, two episodes of religious discrimination from Mumbai shook the nation. A MBA student, Zeeshan Ali Khan opened up how a leading export company denied giving him a job because he is a Muslim. (Also Read:  “We hire only ‘Non-Muslim’ candidates”. This MBA graduate faces religious discrimination)

This was followed by another incident within few days from then when a 25-year-old girl Misbah Quadri alleged that she was denied a flat in the financial capital because of her religion. However, in a fresh episode, this time from an international ground, a young girl Tahera Ahmad has brought the event of religious discrimination against her into limelight once again. (Also Read; Another religious discrimination episode: This young girl is denied flat for being a Muslim)

Similar to many others, Tahera Ahmad is also fond of aerated drinks in a sealed can. But United Airlines has their own reasons for not providing their passengers a sealed can as they believe it could be used as a potential weapon. 

Keeping in mind the high air pressures of the cabin, an unopened can of a Diet Coke may well become an explosive. But, Ahmad feels that this safety norm is only applied for Muslims as a man sitting next to her was given an unopened beer can.

Tahera who reportedly faced racism, expressed her anger on her Facebook page where she narrated the whole episode. The post since then has gone viral and is inviting criticism from all across the world. 

Ahmad in her post alleged that she protested when the man sitting next to her was given an unopened beer can after which one of the staff members of the flight said, “We are unauthorized to give unopened cans to people, because they may use it as a WEAPON on the plane.”

The girl has further said that her fellow passengers even used foul language as she requested for their help. “You Moslem, you need to shut the F** up,” one of the passengers said, while the other one added, “Yes you know you would use it as a WEAPON, so shut the F** up.”

Even though the social media has helped Ahmad garner total support where people have openly declared to boycott the Airline, it seems that the Airline has remained unaffected by the incident.

However, sources suggest that a spokesperson from the airlines has tried reaching out to the girl to have a ‘better understanding’ of the incident.

A Muslim chaplain at Chicago’s Northwestern University, Tahera Ahmad was travelling from Chicago to Washington D.C who said she had been grilled and had her hijab ripped off in earlier Islamophobic encounters also, but this event was especially humiliating.

Here are some reactions on Twitter on the incident: