New Delhi: In a diplomatic embarrassment for Pakistan, which has been seeking international community intervention to address the never ending issue of Kashmir, the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in a meeting with Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif stressed the need for Pakistan and India to address their outstanding issues including Kashmir through dialogue in the interest of both countries and the region as a whole.
The UNSG has rejected for any kind of third party intervention in the Kashmir issue between India and Pakistan and said that the issue has to be resolved bilaterally.
This development comes after Nawaz Sharif on Wednesday, while speaking at the UNGA, raked the Kashmir issue and need for the world community to address it.
Nawaz had said, ”A new generation of Kashmiris has risen spontaneously against India’s illegal occupation demanding freedom from occupation. I demand an independent inquiry into the extrajudicial killings in Kashmir, demand an end to the curfew. The brutalities by Indian forces will not suppress the spirit of Kashmiris, will only intensify their anger.”
Hitting back at Pakistan at the UNGA, India’s first secretary said, “Our country and neighbours face Pakistan’s long standing policy of sponsoring terrorism. Land of Taxila is now host to Ivy League of terrorism. It attracts aspirants and apprentices from all over world. It’s ironic that we have seen today the preaching of human rights and ostensible support for self-determination by a country which has established itself as the global epicentre of terrorism.”
Pakistan in the past has several times raised the issue of Kashmir in the international community but has never gathered the support it has been seeking for. Time and again, UN has said that the issue has to be resolved bilaterally.

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