New Delhi: A Pakistani journalist, Hilal Mir, on Thursday night tweeted that F-16 planes were seen flying over Islamabad. In an interview, he said he heard some loud noise at around 10.20 pm and when he went out to check, he saw four jets hovering over the city. 

According to reports, people came out on the streets and around 5-6 jets were witnessed in the sky.

Later, the journalist said that he had spoken to the defence experts who confirmed that they were conducting war exercises. The jets also landed on the highway that was blocked. Pakistan, in a statement termed it as a regular exercise and that it had nothing to do with the rising tension between India and Pakistan.

The traffic on the main highway between Islamabad and Lahore was also diverted on Thursday during the two-day air force exercise.

Soon after Hilal posted the tweet, Twitter was flooded with the panic posts about the presence of fighter jets in Islamabad.

The tweet came after Pakistan cleared its airspace in anticipation of India’s retaliation after the deadly Uri attack on Sunday that killed 18 Indian army soldiers.



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