New Delhi: After the deadly Uri terror attack on Indian Army base, where 18 Indian soldiers were martyred, the world stood behind India and supported it in its fight against terror. 
The India administration held Pakistan responsible for the attacks and is reportedly strategising to diplomatically isolate Pakistan globally. 
Meanwhile, following the developments after the attacks, US Congressman Ted Poe has moved an unprecedented bill in the American Assembly calling upon the US Congress to tag Pakistan as a terrorist state. 
Ted Poe in an exclusive interview to NewsX spoke on what has motivated him to take the step. 
Ted Poe has claimed that Pak has not been a reliable ally and has repeatedly backstabbed US by sheltering its enemies like Al-Qaeda Chief Osama Bin Laden.
NewsX:  What was the trigger for you to propose this legislation? 
Ted Poe: Pakistan has not been a reliable ally, ISI has supported terrorism. This legislation requires the President to give a specific report on Pakistan’s support to terror and within 3 days the Secretary of State must justify why this should not pass. 
We need to haul up Pakistan. Pakistan has historically supported terrorism and we saw it when the ISI protected Osama Bin Laden. When the Helicopter of the US crashed in Abottabad, they provided intelligence to our enemies.
NewsX: What are the infractions that led to this legislation? 
Ted Poe: There are several examples of Pakistan supporting terrorists like the Taliban, the Haqqani network and Al- Qaida. The Pakistan’s lied about the use of the money that the US was giving it and using it to support terror.
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