New Delhi: Much like the octopus who correctly predicted the results of the World Cup, a professor in United States who has correctly predicted the outcome of the US presidential election for over 30 years says that business tycoon Donald Trump will ultimately win the election.

Professor Allan Lichtman, however, does not depend on the horoscope or the demographic to reach to the conclusions about the election. Instead, he relies on what he calls “Keys to the White House” to determine who will eventually emerge as the real winner.

Lichtman relies on the list of things which he ticks off as true or false. In the list, he has also mentioned whether the incumbent party candidate is charismatic or a national hero.

Lichtman is a professor at the American University and has correctly predicted every presidential outcome since 1984.

Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton are inching closely without any major statistical difference between the two of them.