New Delhi: Just a day after India announced that it had carried out a surgical strike at the Line of Control (LoC) and eliminated more than thirty terrorists, Pakistan’s UN Ambassador Maleeha Lodhi on Friday said that Pakistan will not continue to practice restraint if India continues its provocations.

“Pakistan is showing maximum restraint but there are limits to our restraint if India continues with provocations,” Lodhi said. “Right now our effort is just to tell everyone ‘this is what’s happened so far, watch this space because it’s a very dangerous space’.”

“In the early hours of Thursday, what we saw was cross-border shelling, mortar fire as well as small arms fire. We have captured an Indian soldier who was trying to cross, and two of our soldiers have been killed and martyred in this kind of cross-border shelling. But there was no surgical strike inside territory controlled by Pakistan. And for India to act so irresponsibly, and that too when there are two nuclear neighbours that have to deal with these issues in a peaceful way…We think it is hugely irresponsible. We think the international community should urge restraint upon India”, Maleeha said in an interview.

The Pakistani media, however, refrains from terming the strike a surgical one as they claim that the firing was done more as a measure to satisfy the agitated public. According to their reports, only two Pakistani soldiers were killed in unprovoked firings across the LoC.

The president of the United National Security Council has been asked by the Pakistan’s UN envoy to informally brief the body on the country’s escalating tension with neighbouring India.