New Delhi: The United States has strongly condemned Pakistan’s nuclear rhetoric after the surgical strikes carried out by the Indian Army at the Line of Contol (LoC) on September 28.

The volatile situation between India and Pakistan has cropped up after the terror attack at Uri and the subsequent attack by Indian Army across the LoC and has been exacerbated after Pakistan Defence Minister Khawaja Asif’s statement which said that his country could use nuclear weapons against India.

“It is very concerning. It is a serious thing,” the US official who spoke on condition of anonymity, said. “We made it clear to them. Repeatedly.”

The United States has claimed that the government is closely monitoring the situation and will effectively follow developments which might hint at nuclear attacks. The Obama administration has deemed Pakistan’s stand as irresponsible as such rhetoric could lead to an unprecedented situation of unrest in Southeast Asia.

“The safety of these weapons is always a concern for us. So we are always monitoring it, regardless of what they said on this particular occasion,” the State Department official said.

The US has condemned the Uri attack and has urged both the countries to practice restraint.