New Delhi: China has triggered possible speculation of detrimentally mediating into the current Indo-Pak situation after it blocked a tributary of the Brahmaputra river in Tibet which may affect water flow towards India.

However, the building of the dam in the tributary of the Yarlung Zangbo in Xigaze, Tibet is an expensive project undertaken by the Chinese which began in June 2014. The project, Lalho project on the Xiabuqu River, is valued at an investment worth $740 million.

The Brahmaputra flows into Arunachal Pradesh and the tributary in Shigatse is closely situated near Sikkim. With the blocking of the tributary, it is not immediately clear whether it will impact India or not.

China has maintained that the dam which is being constructed does not hold any water as it is not designed to carry out the task. It also said that it has taken India into consideration and will not affect the flow of water in India.

When asked about the current Indo-Pak situation, China, who has been acting as a mediator, said, “As a friendly neighbour to both India and Pakistan, China hopes that India and Pakistan can properly address disputes and improve relations through dialogue and consultation, maintain and enhance all-round cooperation and join hands to promote regional peace, stability and development.”  

After the Uri attack, India had considered revisiting the Indus Waters Treaty with Pakistan.