New Delhi: Moving one step forward in the failed attempt of proving India’s surgical strike across the Line of Control (LoC) false, Pakistan flew local and international media to the LoC to narrate its side of the story.
The intention behind flying journalists to the LoC was to debunk India’s surgical strike across LoC and to show that there is normalcy in the region. The media tour was planned and only certain sanitised section along the LoC was chosen to be shown. Pakistan dug its own grave by doing this as instead of countering the impression of India’s claim, the tour raised questions on the locations of the terror launch pads and camps. 
On the night of September 28, India carried out surgical strikes across the LoC with the aim of eliminating the terror launch pads and terror camps situated along the border. The aim of India was to destroy them before the terrorists get a chance to infiltrate into Indian Territory.