New Delhi: Amid the growing tensions between India and Pakistan, former Pakistani cricketer Javed Miandad said every child in his country is ready for the martyrdom.

In an interview with a Pakistani news channel Samaa TV, Miandad said, “I have travelled a lot to India during my cricketing days. I know that the general public (in India) is not like that. But there are people like Narendra Modi, who is an egg. An egg who doesn’t know about his father or mother. He doesn’t know who he is threatening. We are ready for war. We are ready for martyrdom. Every Pakistani, even every child, is ready to fight and die for this holy war. They (referring to India) are cowards; they have no army, nothing.”

The remark comes days after India conducted surgical strikes along the Line of Control (LoC) to safeguard the nation against terrorist attacks.

Lashing out at the Indian people, Miandad said, “Ye laaton ke bhoot baaton se baaz nahi aate, inko laate hi maarni padengi (Pakistan shouldn’t get scared India’s empty threats, it should respond in action),”Miandad said. “They (Indians) are cowards. Action is the best reaction,” he added.