New Delhi: Mount Aso, a volcano in southern Japan on Saturday erupted for the first time in two decades spreading its grey ash into the air for more than 250 kilometres away.

Reports said that volcano on the main island of Kyushu erupted in the early hours and blew off bits of volcanic rock and ash.

The incident led to the raising of the alert level for the area following which the authority extended the ban on public entry in the region.

Images show buildings and cars covered with ashes in and around the volcano.

No injuries or casualties have been reported in nearby towns.

In July, an eruption in Japan’s Mount Sakurajima resulted in a 5,000 metre high column of ash. The incident was the first time since August 2013 that an eruption of the volcano – that has recorded 47 explosions of varying magnitudes this year alone – has reached such an altitude.

Japan lies in the “Ring of Fire” region, one of the most active seismic zones in the world and has over 100 active volcanoes on its territory.