New Delhi: Jaish-e-Mohammed chief and the mastermind of the Pathankot terror attack, Masood Azhar has brazenly asked Pakistan government to allow it to grow their jihadist operations against India. Azhar said that if appropriate steps are not taken, it would lead to slipping of a “historic opportunity” to capture Kashmir. 
In a front-page article of the weekly magazine of Jaish, Al-Qalam, Azhar directly asks Pakistan policy establishment to show some courage and if nothing else, then at least open the way for the mujahideen. That ways, both, the problem of Kashmir and the water dispute would be resolved. 
He argues that Pakistan should again resort to backing jihadist policies, which benefitted Pakistan in 1990s. He compared the situation of India, before and after jihad in Kashmir. 
Azhar further went on to say that India’s military capacities have degraded since the start of jihadist operations in Kashmir. 
Masood Azhar was so shameless in his approach that he even went on to say that if they are “let loose” or the government allows  for the mujahideen, then the sorrows of 1971 will be overpowered by the happiness of victory in 2016.