New Delhi: India’s neighbor, Pakistan, has been named as the fourth most unsafe country in the world, a designation which it hasn’t been able to escape for an extended period of time owing its state machinery.

After the Uri attack against India where 19 Indian soldiers were killed, Indian-Americans in the United State filed a petition to the White House seeking a ‘terror-state’ designation to Pakistan. However, United States disproved of the petition and said that India and Pakistan must participate in dialogue to quell the tension between each other.

The three other countries preceding Pakistan are Nigeria, Columbia and Yemen. The safest countries, however, are Finland, followed by Qatar and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Here are the top ten safest countries in the world:


1. Finland


2. Qatar


3. UAE


4. Iceland


5. Austria


6. Luxembourg


7. New Zealand


8. Singapore


9. Oman


10. Portugal


The least safe countries in the world are:


1 . Nigeria


2. Columbia


3. Yemen


4. Pakistan


5. Venezuela


6. Egypt


7. Guatemala


8. El Salvador


9. Hondurus


10. Thailand


11. Kenya


12. Lebanon


13. India


14. Philippines


15. Jamaica