New Delhi: A man who got stuck in his chimney for four hours was rescued by Tucson firefighters on Sunday morning.

According to fire officials, the man had locked himself out of the house and tried to come in through the chimney.

His feet had almost reached the floor of the house but the chimney narrowed and he was unable to get out at the bottom.

The man was pulled out of the chimney by the firefighters with a rope. He emerged covered in a thick black filth and did not show any injuries, but he was medically evaluated at the scene by paramedics.

“I was shouting and screaming for four hours before a neighbour finally called the firefighters,” the 26-year-old said.

Fire department put the pictures on Facebook saying: ‘The subject, who was stuck in his chimney for up to four hours, stated that he locked his keys in the house and was attempting to go back inside.

‘Finally a neighbour heard him yelling for help and called Tucson Fire.

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