New Delhi: Love surely has no limit; but this couple went a step ahead to show their passion for each other and ended up being filmed having oral sex by a puzzled passer-by until the police stopped the outrageous public act of the couple.

The impudent act of the couple was leaked online with some very specific details of what happened between the lustful couple and the servants of law.

The video which went viral just after the few hours of the actual incident shows the girl down on her knees and performing sexual acts on her boyfriend right outside the club. Apparently, the boyfriend seems to be enjoying every bit of it as he leans up against the wall with his pants down to his ankle

The girl who stripped down to her bra while standing on her knees in front of her lover did not seem to be bothered by the large crowd that gathered to witness the incident. Later, when the cops arrived at the location to stop the impassioned couple, the couple ignored the repeated requests from the cops and further argued with the cops.

As per the eye-witness, the girl said, “I’m not going to stop because I don’t want to. It’s my boyfriend and I do it wherever I want. If you want I’ll do it in front of you. You are not going to take me away for this; you cannot detain me for this.”

Further disclosing the matter, the cops said that the lustful couple spent the night at the disco where they drank a lot and decided to continue their party outside the night club.